International Work

In addition to our nationwide coverage, we are also able to provide training and consultancy services to organisations outside of the UK. Details of some previous projects can be found below.

Discovery Education

Bielefeld, 2014

Catering for teachers involved in MOD Service Children's Education, Orangery Education provided primary curriculum training in the Bielefeld Professional Development Centre on behalf of Discovery Education in October 2014.

Digital video in MFL teaching

Erfurt, 2008

Acting on behalf of the Espresso Group, Steve Mulgrew was asked to present the Clipbank service to teachers and education ministers in Erfurt, Thüringen. This involved an overview of the service itself, suggestions for its use in the classroom, interactive whiteboard skills and basic video editing. The presentation was delivered in German.

Comenius Regio

Durham / Albert, 2009-2011

This project, named "Shrinking the Channel", set out to investigate the possibilities of using ICT to support international links between schools. Students in the Hermitage School in Chester-le-Street (County Durham) and Collège Jean Moulin in Albert (Somme) used a variety of tools including Easi-Speak microphones, Flip video cameras and video-conferencing equipment along with email and interactive whiteboard software to exchange information about themselves and their countries. The project team visited their international counterparts and engaged in joint training and meetings to discuss the successes (and potential pitfalls) of the project. The results were presented at a major County Durham conference in June 2011, and resources uploaded to the Durham Learning Gateway.

University of Latvia

Riga, 2009

Following a request from an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Latvia in Riga, Orangery Education delivered a short series of online seminars to students on the MA course in Modern Information Technologies in English Language Teaching. The subject of the seminars was the use of interactive whiteboards to enhance language teaching and learning, and the seminar itself made use of ICT as it was delivered as part of a Skype video-conference.

MFL Secondary National Curriculum

Bielefeld, 2008

As part of an extended Regional Subject Adviser role, support was provided for those teachers working in Service Children's Education in Germany. This involved a visit to the CPD centre in Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen to present the revised programmes of study to a large group of language teachers.

European Centre for Modern Languages

Graz, 2009-2010

Steve Mulgrew was the UK representative joining delegates from 25 other European countries at this three-day workshop in Graz, entitled 'Exploring cutting edge applications of networked technologies in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning'. Investigating, among other things, the potential of social networking as a learning resource, the group produced a wealth of material both online and in a publication which is currently in the final editing stage. More information can be found on the project website.