Pan Flutes & Ocarina

These instruments are an ideal addition to any school music activity.

Pan Flutes (P-10 / P-12 / P15 / P-18)

Our pan flute range is ideal for pupils who wish to progress to a more challenging instrument. The four models available have between 10 and 18 notes.

  • P-10 (range E-C) £12.50
  • P-12 (range E-A) £17.50
  • P-15 (range G-G) £22.50
  • P-18 (range B-F) £27.50

In stock: 3x P-10, 11x P-12, 1x P-15, 1x P-18

Ocarina (OC-01)

This six-hole ocarina is available in a range of vibrant colours and is an exciting alternative to the recorder.

£5.25 each

In stock: 1x purple, 1x yellow, 2x green, 1x orange

Postage and VAT

Postage is charged at a flat rate of £7.95 per order. All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.