Frequently Asked Questions - Education North

For schools

What checks are carried out on the tutors?

Education North carries out DBS checks (enhanced disclosure) on all tutors, even if they are already working in a post which would require such measures to be taken. We also ask to see evidence of qualifications and obtain references from past employers.

How can I monitor the tuition process?

School contacts will be given access to a secure online area which holds details of each pupil along with their tuition record. Tutors complete an account of the activities carried out in each tuition session and school co-ordinators as well as subject/class teachers are encouraged to view this information and add comments on a regular basis.

What if I am unhappy with the allocated tutor?

If you have reason to believe that an allocated tutor is unsuitable you should contact us as soon as possible stating the nature of your concern.

What happens if a pupil is absent?

In the case of individual one-to-one sessions, for example at the end of the school day, the tuition can be rearranged as long as you have let us know well in advance of the session, ideally as soon as the absence is noted on the morning of the tuition day. For full-day or half-day block tuition we have to charge the same amount regardless of pupil absences as the nature of this tuition model requires the tutors to be on-site. In this case some schools keep a list of 'substitute' pupils who can take the opportunity to have some one-off support, or alternatively tutors may be deployed as classroom assistants.

For tutors

Can I register with more than one agency?

Yes, Education North is not the only organisation offering this kind of provision, nor do we have the 'monopoly' on any one local authority.

What checks will be made at the recruitment stage?

We will ask to see evidence of your qualifications, carry out an enchanced disclosure check (DBS, also known as CRB), and ask for references from a current or recent employer.

I already have a CRB - do I need another one?

This is a question which several tutors have asked, as many of us have been through multiple checks in a short space of time. The CRB issues guidance which is open to interpretation - some agencies accept recent checks and have their own policies on portability. However we want to ensure that we take all possible steps to safeguard the children, schools and tutors who we work with, and therefore request that new CRB checks are run on tutors operating within the Education North brand.

How much will I be paid?

Our most common model is ten hours of one-to-one tuition, for which you will be paid £300. This covers ten hours of contact time along with a nominal two hours for meetings, preparation and reporting. The rate is therefore calculated down as £25 contact time and £5 administration per hour of tuition. If you take on a part allocation this will be paid at the same rate, i.e. £30 per hour (inclusive). These figures can only serve as a guide as some schools prefer a bespoke model for which the rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

How and when will I be paid?

You will need to submit a timesheet and invoice to Education North at the end of each month in which you deliver tuition. Payment will be made by BACS within 30 days of receipt of your invoice. Payment may be withheld if the online reporting documents are not up to date or if there are ongoing concerns about a tutor's performance.

What about tax and national insurance?

Education North acts as an intermediary between schools and tutors, and as such you are not employed by us. You will be responsible for your own income tax and national insurance contributions on a self-assessment basis.