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Tuition models

No longer bound by the government-funded programme, we can offer a range of standard and bespoke solutions to suit the individual school. Popular models of delivery include the following:

  • Ten one-hour sessions after school - this is still the most popular method with primary schools.
  • Sessions during the school day, on a rolling timetable for ten weeks - this is popular with secondary schools whose students may not be able to attend after-school sessions; we will prepare a timetable which minimises the impact on classroom time and can normally avoid core subjects if required. If your timetable is made up of 50-minute blocks we can provide the ten hours of tuition over 12 weeks.
  • Tuition in groups of two or three - this has had some success as a 'final push' for Key Stage 4 students before external exams.

Although the majority of schools choose ten hours of tuition, some schools prefer to have fewer hours and in some cases this allows more pupils to benefit from tuition. We can of course provide tuition over longer periods of time if required, and we have recently piloted a model of provision during the Easter holiday.


Funding for the original one-to-one tuition programme was fixed as £368 per block of ten hours. We continue to operate on this basis for basic packages, and the cost of most bespoke models can be calculated based on this figure. Schools are provided with an invoice at the beginning of the tuition programme. Please note that we are obliged to charge VAT at the standard rate.

Need to know more?

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