Education North

Covering the North-East of England, Education North was set up in 2009 to support local delivery of the (then) DCSF-funded one-to-one tuition programme, and remains dedicated to in-school intervention strategies for Literacy and Numeracy. Over the past six years our team of tutors has spent many thousands of hours working with pupils from Year 5 to Year 11, both individually and in groups. These young people have developed more confidence in their abilities and have begun to enjoy lessons more, leading to a positive impact in terms of measurable progress towards higher levels or grades.

What we offer

  • A range of tuition models to suit individual school needs, including holiday booster sessions
  • Allocation of fully-qualified, DBS-checked tutors
  • On-site quality assurance visits
  • Secure online recording and reporting - so you can check the progress of each individual pupil at any time, and use the tracking documents as evidence of the school's intervention strategy

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