Training & Consultancy - Modern Languages

We work with schools, local authorities and other training providers to support teachers of Modern Foreign Languages. This section of the website lists some ideas and resources but we can also offer bespoke training and consultancy services in your workplace - please contact us for details.

Engagement in MFL

A collection of ideas using mostly inexpensive tools which are proven to engage language learners of all abilities.

Web 2.0 in MFL

A selection of websites for creative projects in MFL teaching, as used in primary and secondary schools.

Storytelling (primary)

Two animations of traditional stories, each provided in French and Spanish.

Baseline assessment

A practical solution to establishing a baseline level or grade for pupils coming into Key Stage 3 with a range of language-learning experiences.

Encouraging speaking skills (secondary)

A background to the successful 'Group Talk' project, along with some materials which will be useful to teachers introducing the programme in school.

Reading material

A selection of foreign-language children's books which can be used in the MFL classroom.

Target language

Designed for non-specialist teachers in primary schools, this page provides a set of instructions and phrases in French and Spanish, each recorded by a native speaker.