Polyvision (Steelcase) ēno Training

Orangery Education was the first national provider to team up with a UK distributor of the ēno interactive whiteboard series and devise a range of training options for end users. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your workplace please contact us, or if you are a reseller click here.

ēno Interactive Whiteboards

The ēno is designed to be used in three ways - as a dry-erase board using standard whiteboard markers and erasers, as a magnetic display board, and as an interactive whiteboard when used with a computer and projector. This makes it more versatile than many other interactive whiteboards as it eliminates the need for an additional dry-erase board for messages or information such as lesson objectives. The projected image can fill the board or be positioned on only part of it, leaving the remainder free for dry-erase notes or magnetic tools.

Because there are no electronics in the board, and therefore no data or power cables to it, the ēno range is inexpensive to install and easy to maintain. A Bluetooth stylus controls the interactive function and a simple toolstrip gives access to the in-built features of the driver software, including facilities to annotate over images and documents, set up flipchart pages and print or save notes.

Aside from the environmental advantages, a particularly attractive feature of the ēno system is that it can be used with up to three styluses simultaneously, allowing for team games and collaboration at the board. No additional software or hardware upgrade is necessary to use this feature.

ēno Mini Slate

The ēno mini is a miniature, portable version of the ēno interactive whiteboard. It functions in exactly the same way and uses the same stylus and a similar toolstrip (there is of course no projected image on the slate). A stylus being used at the board can be passed to somebody using the slate and vice-versa. Using the ēno mini allows teachers to control a presentation from anywhere in the room, and to annotate over slides or documents. It also means that students can interact with the material on display without leaving their seats. As the ēno software can support up to three styluses at any one time, you could use ēno mini slates and interactive whiteboards in any combination. The ēno mini has no batteries and therefore does not need charging, and is made with antimicrobial product protection to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth on its grip surface.

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