Promethean Training

We are accredited to provide training on a range of Promethean products to education, corporate and public sector clients. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your workplace please contact us, or if you are a reseller click here.

ActivBoard Series

The Promethean ActivBoard interactive whiteboards are well established in the education market and are a favourite of many teachers. Using a battery-free, wire-free ActivPen on the board's robust melamine surface the user can control presentations, annotate over images and documents and manipulate text and images in teaching and learning resources. The newest models support touch control so a user - or several users - can control the board with their fingers as well as with the ActivPen. ActivBoards come in a range of sizes in fixed and mobile units.


Ideal for use in assembly halls and lecture theatres where it may not be appropriate to install an interactive whiteboard, the ActivPanel incorporates an LCD display with a wire-free pen which can be used to control programs and add annotations in a similar way to using the ActivBoard, but without having to turn your back on your audience. The ActivPanel can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard.


The ActivSlate is a portable, wireless graphics tablet which can be used to control the projected image from anyhwere in the room. Using an ActivPen it allows students to interact with the material on the whiteboard without leaving their seat, or it gives teachers the freedom to deliver part of the lesson content without standing at the board. The ActivSlate requires ActivInspire software but can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard.


Ideal for younger children, the ActivWand is an alternative to the ActivPen. At 21" long it allows smaller students (or teachers) and those in wheelchairs to reach even the top of the board with ease.

ActivInspire Software

Promethean describe ActivInspire as 'Interactive Lesson Development Software' - essentially it turns the ActivBoard into a giant multi-media flipchart pad where video clips, sounds, pictures, text and handwriting can all be displayed and manipulated together to create engaging teaching resources. The ActivInspire software has two different interfaces, which are based on the older ActivPrimary and ActivStudio products. Other devices such as ActivExpression, ActiVote and ActivSlate products are also controlled through the software. Note that ActivInspire software is fully compatable with older ActivBoards - it is not necessary to replace your interactive whiteboard in order to use the new software. Two versions of the software are available - a 'professional edition' for use at school and a free 'personal edition' which includes all the features necessary for preparing lessons at home.


This is the device which allows the user to control the ActivBoard. It has the look and feel of a pen, and also performs the functions of a mouse, where pressing the nib of the pen against the board performs a 'left-click', and holding the button on the side of the pen performs a 'right-click'. Note that when using the 'right-click' function you should hold the pen close to the board's surface but without actually pressing the nib against it. The ActivPen has changed shape in recent years to incorporate a more ergonomic design which will not roll off the desk - but the older versions will still work fine with their boards.


This is Promethean's name for its dual-user capability, which can be added to the 100 or 300 series boards. Once installed the board can be used with two pens - a teacher pen and a student pen - each with their own on-screen toolbox, allowing for additional collaboration at the board or team games between students.


Promethean's flagship learner response system, ActivExpression supports a variety of question and answer styles accepting responses in full sentences as well as in numbers, symbols, equations, true/false and Likert scales. The screen on the device allows students to work through a set of questions in their own time ('Self-Paced Learning') with results being collected and processed automatically by the teacher computer. These devices have a range of 100m and can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard. They are available in packs of 25 or 32.


This device is designed for teachers who wish to prepare ActivInspire flipcharts on a computer which is not connected to an interactive whiteboard, such as one at home. It connects to a USB port and is controlled by a wireless pen on its pressure-sensitive surface. Note that it is still possible to prepare ActivInspire flipcharts without this device, but it is likely that teachers will find drawing and handwriting easier with a graphics tablet than with the mouse.

ActivStudio & ActivPrimary

Although these products have been discontinued by Promethean, they are still used in a large number of schools and we can still offer training on them. Alternatively you may wish to make the transition from your existing software to ActivInspire, and this is certainly something which we can help with. It is worth noting that flipcharts produced in ActivStudio and ActivPrimary can be imported into ActivInspire software.

ActivExpression 2

Similar to the original ActivExpression device, this newer model is designed to resemble a smart phone and features a full QWERTY keyboard and backlit display.


A more basic learner response system, the ActiVote handset features letters A-F and is ideal for multiple-choice activities with optional instant feedback. As with ActivExpression, results are collected by the teacher computer and can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Available in packs of 32.


ActivEngage is a virtual Learner Response System that enables students to contribute to a classroom discussion by responding to questions from their laptops, tablets or mobile handheld devices. It consists of a server application which is installed on the teacher computer, and 'client' applications on each student device. It is ideal for schools where mobile learning is already embedded as it eliminates the need for additional learner response hardware.


This is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint which enables integration of ActiVote and ActivExpression devices, as well as some additional presentation and annotation tools from ActivInspire. Note that it is not possible to have both ActivInspire and ActivOffice running at the same time.

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