Smart Technologies Training

We are accredited to provide training on a range of SMART products to education, corporate and public sector clients. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training package for your workplace please contact us, or if you are a reseller click here.


Almost synonymous with the term 'interactive whiteboard' - and sometimes incorrectly used as such - the SMART Board has been used in schools for many years and has recently become popular in other environments where meetings and training events take place. Based on 'resistive technology' the user can control presentations and computer software with the touch of a finger, and annotate over images and documents using the 'pens' supplied (which are in fact simply plastic shapes designed to look and feel like pens). SMART Boards are particularly popular with kinaesthetic learners who like to be able to manipulate and rearrange objects on the screen with their hands. Newer models support a range of advanced features including touch gesture and multi-touch capabilities. A wide range of sizes is available.

SMART Podium / Sympodium

These products feature an LCD display with built-in SMART Notebook functions, allowing presenters to face their audience while still interacting with and annotating over presentation materials. They are normally used with a projector so that the audience can also see the image, and are therefore most suitable for large halls and lecture theatres.

SMART Notebook

The basis of any lesson using a SMART Board, the Notebook software has a wide range of features from basic flipchart functions to screen capture and recording and customisable interactive activities in the Notebook gallery. Even teachers who consider themselves to be competent users are often unaware of the full potential of the SMART Notebook software and the way in which it can be used to really bring teaching and learning to life, accessing features such as integration with Microsoft Office software and embedding animation, sound and video resources into the Notebook pages. Also available as an add-on is a set of maths tools, including advanced ruler, protractor and compass tools, shape division, table and graphing tools and an advanced equation editor.


Ideal for visual learners, the SMART Ideas concept-mapping software allows teachers and students to visualise complex ideas with several levels. Included in the software is an extensive gallery of ready-made resources and additional media such as video clips and photographs can be attached.

SMART Meeting Pro

SMART Meeting Pro software is an interactive whiteboard application that enables you to digitally capture and share ideas, analyse data, brainstorm, solve problems, and document and distribute the results of your collaborative sessions. Using a combination of interactive whiteboards, desktop and laptop PCs and even iPad tablets, participants in the meeting can collaborate either in the same room or remotely using the Bridgit conferencing service.

SMART Document Camera

Using the SMART Document Camera teachers and students can explore images of three-dimensional objects on the SMART board. Integration with SMART Notebook allows teachers to capture images and instantly add them to a SMART Notebook page. Images can also be annotated in digital ink or saved in the Gallery for later use.


The SMART Slate wireless slate can be used by teachers and students to interact with the projected image from anywhere in the room. The material displayed on the interactive whiteboard or projection screen is controlled using the attached pen and customisable buttons interact with the SMART Notebook software. The Slate has a 10m range and can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard.

SMART Response

A range of learner response systems, SMART Response products are available in four models to suit a variety of learning environments, supporting multiple-choice, numeric and full-text responses, with the XE model having a full QWERTY keyboard. Lesson activities can be set up and delivered in conjunction with the SMART Notebook software and the results are instantly tracked and can be analysed by the teacher.


Designed for the primary school environment, the SMART Table is defined as a multitouch, multiuser interactive learning centre allowing groups of early years children to work simultaneously on one surface. Children sitting around the table use their fingers to control pictures using the image projected onto the table top. The SMART Table comes with a set of ready-made and customisable resources, and teachers can add their own using the SMART Table Toolkit software.

SMART Pointer

To cater for younger children and for teachers who can not normally reach the top of the board, SMART produce this pointer in a range of colours. We don't offer a training session on this product but can bring it along to show you!

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